About Us

I’ve known that I’ve wanted to be involved with animals since I was a little girl. From taking care of our beloved family dog, to nurturing any stray or sick wild animal I came across, to helping out with the chickens, cows and horses on the family farm. In high school, I joined the co-operative education program and began my training as a Veterinary Assistant, which quickly turned into my first long-term job. After a few years, I decided to take a turn in my career and attend a Fashion Business program in college, while working evenings and weekends at a reputable community driven pet shop. After graduation, I quickly realized that animals were still very much my passion. I began walking dogs as a side gig and loved it so much that through my industry connections I was able to turn it into a full time business. It’s now been nearly five years since Hounds Of Love was established and I still couldn’t be more excited to provide your pet with the daily love, attention and care that it requires. I use strictly positive reinforcement and force free techniques while staying informed and educated on all industry developments.